Tuesday, September 18, 2007

After a month’s hiatus…

Hey y’all! I know there are never good excuses for not posting… ESPECIALLY since I’ve been absent to the blog world for more than a month now. I also know that no amount of groveling will make up for not being there for all of you over the past month, but will you forgive me? Please? Please? So here’s what I’ve been up to…

After the lemon episode discussed in my last post, Justin and I went on the Great Car Search. I gave Justin a list of “approved” vehicles, and he did all the research. Upon reviewing Justin’s research, we both determined that the best car for me was an Acura TL.

My requirements – White exterior with tan leather.
Justin’s requirements – Navigation system.

Seems simple, right? WRONG! We searched coast to coast and found one… ONE car that met both of our requirements. With my planned vacation coming up, the decision to drive to Virginia Beach was easy. Whoa, VIRGINIA BEACH?! Yes! We rented a car from Hertz that we could return in Virginia, and we hit the road on a Friday afternoon after work. We made it to Virginia Beach the next day after spending the night in North Carolina. Amber, too bad you don’t live there anymore! We would have definitely stopped by to say hello. Anyway, the car looked great, and because we had a cashier’s check from our bank in Birmingham, the transaction was quick, easy and painless! We were only in Virginia Beach for about an hour or two before we resumed our journey… only this time, we were off to Florida. This time we spent the night in Georgia just north of the Florida line. Yes, Lindsey, we DID drive through Jacksonville, and I would definitely have called if I had your number. I thought about you nevertheless!

My grandparents own a beach home in Sunnyside Beach, just east of Panama City Beach, and it was great to pull up to my home away from home on Sunday afternoon. We spent a few days at the beach and enjoyed a few meals at a new favorite restaurant, The Great Southern Café in Seaside. We spent an evening on the lawn in the Seaside Town Square and listened to a mediocre oldies band, but the atmosphere was great, and we had fun watching little kids dance, and doing a bit of dancing ourselves! The days off work were rejuvenating, but I still wasn’t ready to get back into the swing of things on Thursday.

The following days were spent mostly at the office, but I enjoyed a night of Bunko, Girls Night with the girls in my Small Group at Sips N’ Strokes, opening season of College Football (ROLL TIDE!), and then, the day we had been waiting for – MOVING DAY!

On September 10th, Justin and I closed on our new home in Ross Bridge. Everything went really well, even though we’re still knee-high in boxes. We’re so glad to be in our own home, and are happy to be “nesting” again. I can’t wait to fill in the spaces that need a decorator’s touch. We love our new neighbors! There are a lot of young couples on our street, and everyone seems to be excited about getting to know everyone better!

Saturday was my 28th birthday, and even though I worked all day, the weather was absolutely perfect and Alabama won, so it was a beautiful day! J Justin gave me a professional decorator to help with the house, and Mom and Dad bought me a Coach handbag. I am blessed to be surrounded by such generous people! Justin also took me to dinner a few days prior to a restaurant here called Firebirds. We had been there a few times before, but it was ESPECIALLY good this time. The highlight of the dinner was the Crème Brule Cheesecake dessert. Combining my two favorite desserts was an absolutely brilliant move on their part! J In fact, I wish I had a piece of that right now. So delicious!

This weekend, we are going on a retreat with our small group at church, and Justin and I are so looking forward to spending time with 9 awesome couples from our church that we have grown to love! So, here’s a shout out to the Mills, Mullen, Craig, Penter, Hovater, Woodward, Grizzle, Faucett, and Walters families! We love you and can’t wait for Sawgrass!

PS. My photodocumentation of the above events will follow. My internet has slowed so much that right now, my goal is just to get this posted. The cable people have been trying to get it back on track for 2 whole days now!!! Posting this blog should be the least of my worries… yesterday I wasn’t able to check my work e-mail AT ALL!


Michael and Hannah said...

Glad to see you've offically re-surfaced! Enjoyed talking to you on your birthday. If I didn't have two kids in diapers, I would have mailed you a package, but until USPS gets with it and starts offering drive-thru package service, you'll be receiving your gifts for all birthdays and Christmases in person... whenever that may happen to be.

kristy patterson said...

Wow, so much has happened in the last month! I'm glad y'all found a great car, had a great vacation (ahhh...your description of Seaside on a nice Sept. evening made me envious!), you had a great 28th b-day, and now have moved in to a GREAT house! I can't wait to see pictures!!!
By the way, a young couple at our church lives in Ross Bridge--The Littles. Super sweet and fun couple! Hope you get to meet them (if you haven't already). And, creme brulee cheesecake is one of my very favorite desserts too. Have you tried it at Nabeel's? Simply amazing!

Lindsey said...

I wish we could've had the chance to visit with you guys when ya'll went through Jax - maybe next time!! Glad you got your car - sounds very nice and I can't WAIT to see the pics of your finished house - I had no idea you guys were going to be moving in so soon! btw: I need to show my mom your blog just to prove to her that it is possible for a realtor to keep a blog...even if it means updating only once a month! :)

amber said...

I can't believe you drove to Va Beach to buy a car!! What a trip! I know you are so busy but give me a call when you have a few seconds so we can catch up a bit! Can't wait to see pictures of the house! Happy Belated Birthday!

Stacy said...

Well..happy birthday! Congrats on the new car and the new house! And how much fun...on the way to get a new car you got to take a vacation too! Sounds like a busy month for sure! Waiting on pics to see the nwe house!
So...were your parents sad to see you go...again?