Monday, April 07, 2008

Lynnette's Wedding and the Motor City (part 3)

The long awaited 3rd and final part of this post!
So, after the wedding we went back to Beth and Matt's cute little house in Grosse Pointe Woods. Beth was a college friend of mine, and a life-long friend of Lynnette. We appreciated having a place to change clothes before the after-wedding festivities, and had a good time visiting with old friends.

This is Beth and her husband Matt Rainbolt at the Westin.

We didn't have time to stay long before we all headed to the Westin Hotel at the airport. Because Dan and Lynnette rarely get to see their out-of-town friends, and because the wedding was over so early, they invited several people back to hang out at their hotel for a few hours that evening.

Here's a picture of the group hanging out in a private area of the Westin lobby. We ordered plenty of appetizers to share, and were grateful for the time to spend with the bride and groom before they headed off to St. Lucia.

One last picture before saying goodbye!

Our friends Paul and Donna Vilela were planning on staying only for a short time. They live about an hour away, and Paul's band was playing in a show later that night. So Donna could stay longer, Justin and I decided to pack up early and stay the night at Paul and Donna's in Toledo.

We made it to Paul and Donna's house late... around 1am, I think! Paul was just getting home from his gig.

Paul and Donna have two great dog-kids, too. Opal and Trixie were gracious hosts - even sharing their toys with Rez and Ader.

Have you ever seen four better behaved dogs? Of course, there were treats involved.

Thanks for letting us stay at your home, Paul and Donna. Your house is precious and it was SO good to see you again. Next time you're down south, please let us know!

Justin and I hit the road early the next morning before Paul and Donna got up. We (and by "we," I mean "Justin") drove straight through and made it back to Birmingham in time for dinner! We had such a wonderful week end. Now, back to work!!!



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Is that Mike Rainbolt's brother??? Things I never knew!

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