Monday, May 05, 2008

Bahama Mama - How I Won the Trip

At the beginning of the year, the builder I work for announced a contest for all the sales people in Birmingham. The top 4 sales people competed for chance to "host" around 45 Birmingham-area agents and their spouses at the Atlantis resort in the Bahamas. There was a point system - 2 points for selling a home already under construction, and 1 point for every pre-sale. The contest ran for the months of February and March. I was an early front-runner having a very good February, but my home sales in March slowed week to week. It didn't help that I was in Michigan for Lynnette's wedding the last week end of the month. Up until that week end, I was pretty sure I was going to be one of the winners, but just before I left for the wedding, one of my February contracts decided not to buy any more. -1 for Whitney. And while I was gone, my partner Kate wrote something like 5 contracts!!! I was fairly confident that kicked me out of the running. The last day of March was a Monday, and I was back from the wedding. The purchaser who decided not to buy called me and told me they wanted back in on the deal. Yay!!! So with this family back in the mix, I tied for third with 2 other people (including my partner Kate). They decided to take all five of us (1st, 2nd, and the three that tied for 3rd) AND our spouses - we were all very grateful! So just less than a month from when we found out, the day arrived when we set off for the Bahamas!

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