Thursday, March 12, 2009

Welcome to the World, Baby Hardy! - Part 1

It was early morning of March 12, 2009. I hadn't slept all night awaiting the scheduled visit to the hospital for an induction. I had gained a total of about 23 pounds, and felt really good, but was so ready to meet our little boy! Our 38 and 39 week doctor appointments had passed, and then my 40 week. Was this little boy EVER going to come!

40 weeks and 3 days pregnant on March 12, 2009. 4:15 in the morning. Ready to meet Baby Hardy!

Our appointment was at 5:00am, and by 5:30, Dr. Christine (the doc on call) had broken my water. I was already dilated 4 centimeters, but completely pain free. I didn't feel the contractions until just before 7:00, and they came on STRONG. By 7:15, I asked Amy, our delivery nurse if she would think I was a wuss if I asked for the epidural already. And at 7:30, in walked both the anesthesiologist AND Dr. Przybysz! Within moments, the labor pains were gone, and in went the catheter. Thank you, God, for allowing humans the ability to come up with drug that works so well!

From this point on, the only reason I knew I was contracting was because of the monitor beside me. After a few periodic progress checks, at 10:30am, the nurse informed me that I was fully dilated, and she called in Dr. P. PUSHING TIME! I vowed to make each push count... and I pushed HARD.

After just 18 minutes of pushing, some encouragement from Justin, and a little help from Dr. P and Amy the delivery nurse, out popped our squirmy, slimy baby boy!

The proud daddy was oh-so-involved in the entire process. He even helped Dr. Przybysz "catch" the baby! We were all amazed at God's miracle of birth.

I remember awkwardly holding him while Justin cut the ambilical cord. He seemed so tiny, but NOT cuddly. He was stiff, and I couldn't hold him well because of the blood pressure cuff on my arm and all the IVs in my wrist. I must admit that I was a little relieved when they swept him away to the warming table to regulate his body temp and to clean him off a bit.
One thing I loved about Dr. Przybysz is that she seemed genuinely happy about the birth of OUR son... it didn't seem like just another day at the office for her. Here she is with our little bundle just before they swaddled him up for mommy. It was in the moments that followed that I fell in love. He was perfect. Before we called our family, we sat down with the baby on one leg and our list of names on the other. We agreed on the name Hayes because we both liked it, and the middle name Scott because it's a family name on both sides. Justin's brother's name is Scott and both my father's and brother's middle name is Scott.

Hayes Scott Hardy
March 12, 2009
10:47 am
8 pounds, 2 ounces
19 1/2 inches

And just like that, there were three! Our little family hasn't been the same since!


Wife to Ben, Mama to Lily said...

Im so glad to see pictures of the birth of sweet Hayes! He is so precious. I love seeing pictures of him on FB and I look forward to reading stories of the cute and funnies things he does as he gets bigger. Love the new blog look too!

kristy said...

Welcome back to the world of blogging! I've missed you! I'm excited about reading all about your life with Hayes the past few months, as well as in the months to come. He is such a beautiful baby boy!!

Michael and Hannah said...

Loved hearing the story again! These stories never get old... we'll be telling our birthing stories from our front porch rockers when we're 90!

The Penter Family said...

A great post! And your makeover looks cute too!

Chad and Lindsey Eason said...

Love the makeover AND this post! I've been wondering how your labor and delivery went, so thanks for sharing! Hayes is so cute and girl, you looked AWESOME after delivering him!

katherine said...

Welcome back to blogging! I thought you would never return! Your labor sounds great although the 40 weeks and 3 days wait would have seemed like an eternity.