Monday, August 17, 2009

"Woof, Woof?!" Translation - "What about me?!"

Lately, the blog has been all about our little #1 - Hayes Scott Hardy. So much so, that I've barely even mentioned our first children, Rez and Adler. Now you may take that to mean they have been in some way demoted to sleeping on the floor or banished to a permanent existence in the backyard, but no. They are still the little princesses of the Hardy home. Their ranking has slipped just a little with the birth of our prince, but they still hold high status in the royal family. Yes, folks, we still have an EXTRA 135 pounds sharing our bed at night (Rez is a petite 55 pounds and Adler, the heavyweight, weighs in around 80), sitting on our sofas, eating breakfast in our laundry room, going through our waste baskets, and checking out Hayes' toys. We are fortunate that they are such good dogs, though.

Justin and I were curious about how they would react to Hayes, and so far they have been relatively oblivious to his existence. They come up and sniff him on occasion, and every now and then they give him a little kiss on his cheek, or clean spit-up off the exersaucer. Other than that, it seems that we have successfully merged our dog-children and our human-child.

So this post is a tribute to the best two dogs on the planet -

Our first-born, Rez, a sweet, spunky Vizsla.

And our middle child, Adler, an exuberant, goofy German Shorthaired Pointer.


Michael and Hannah said...

Wesley told me a long story about Rez yesterday. Your 1st and 2nd born have definitely left an impression on my children!

The Ross Family said...

What a cute post!

Anonymous said...

Yes, they are the best dogs and I just LOVE them. It was nice to have them visit recently. You know they both know how to talk to me. (really)ha