Friday, June 02, 2006

Dreamer of Dreams...

Last night, I had a dream, bear with me...
Justin and I were in New York with my family staying at the Waldorf Astoria. We were attending a political fundraiser for Candice Bergen at Madison Square Garden. A local boy had been kidnapped, and was found inside a locker in one of the locker rooms there at The Garden. The police asked me to get the boy out of the locker, that he was harmless, but scared. I opened the door and there was a chubby little black boy squeezed inside. I got him out, but he was all but harmless. He tried to hit me and bite me, but I was finally able to hold him on the floor by standing on his back and holding his hands. He continued to get one hand loose, and would grab my bottom, which really really irritated me. Finally, the police took him off my hands and I went back to the fundraiser.

Back upstairs, most of the political hoopla was wrapping up. Justin was there and we were talking to some of the local politicians, including the lady of the evening, Candice Bergen. After we left, I realized I had left my cell phone and needed to go back and get it. Justin didn't want to come with me, so I went alone... begrudgingly. On the way, I called Michael Moore. A friend had given me his number. I asked him to go with me to get my cell phone, and he DID! When I got there, Justin's phone was right beside mine, so I got his, too. He didn't even know he had left it. Michael Moore walked me back to my hotel and we talked about dogs and politics. I asked if his dog was a Republican. I'm pretty sure he said no. He was very nice and gave me a hug when he dropped me off.

Any ideas on what this means?
Here are a few tips...
1. I've never been to the Waldorf Astoria (wasn't even sure it was in New York)
2. I had to look up Candice Bergen on the internet to find out who she is! (Murphy Brown)
3. I have never been to Madison Square Garden.
4. I HATE Michael Moore (the anti-patriot).
5. I love dogs (mine are Republicans).
6. I love my husband (and I hope he wouldn't make me walk back by myself to pick up my phone)

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