Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Crazy-Busy December Continues

And the month continues...

December 17: Silent Night Christmas Worship at Homewood Church of Christ. This is our annual candlelight Christmas worship and celebration of Christ's birth. There were about 50 members of the chorus this year, and many others who were part of the drama portion and kids songs. I think this year was the best yet... with the exception of the Hallelujah Chorus which ended up being more like the William Tell Overture it was so fast. In years past, I have been a part of a womens' group that sings Silent Night. There are 6 girls all about my age and we sing a beautiful version of the song arranged by our worship minister, Kevin Kilpatrick. This year, they chose to have children from the church's Pre-School sing Silent Night, but I was asked to sing What Child is This. I think it turned out okay, but the DVD will tell. I may try to figure out how to post the clip once the DVD comes out. Here are a few pictures of the night. The pictures of the church with all the candles illuminated are great. Photos compliments of my very talented husband.
That's me singing What Child is This

Here is the church after the candles were lit. There were about 800 people there. Next year we're shooting for 1000!

December 18: Welcome to the world Brennan William Parsons! Congratulations to my good friend Sarah and her husband William on the birth of their first baby! The picture below is one Sarah sent to my cell phone. She says he looks a lot like his daddy.

Brennan William Parsons

December 18, 2007

8 lbs, 9 oz

19 inches long

December 20: I babysat the sweetest baby twins in Ross Bridge! My friends Kate and John went to a friends house for dinner, so I watched their precious 2 month old twins for a few hours. Ella was a little fussy and just was so much happier when held, and Thomas was just as happy as he could be in his boppy. When it came time to eat, I let fussy Ella eat first while Thomas chilled in the swing. Ella was content long enough for Thomas to eat, and then it was back in the arms. I just love those kids!

December 22: The Leach/Henry Family Christmas. Justin and I hosted 23 family members for a sit-down brunch at our home. Present were Mimi and Daddy Bill (my grandparents). Mom and Dad. Matthew and Amanda (my bro and his wife). Aunt Linda and Uncle Jim (my dad's sister and her husband). Josh and Becky (my cousin and his wife). Jordan and Krista (my cousin and his girlfriend). Scott and Mary Ann (my grandmother's brother and his wife). Michael and Glenda (Scott's son -my second cousin- and his wife) and Price, Aaron and Abby (their kids). My Aunt Fran (Mimi's sister) and her friend from Atlanta... and Justin and me, of course. I hope I didn't leave anyone out. It was fun to have everyone to our home. We usually go to my Aunt Linda's in Chattanooga, but my grandmother wanted everyone to see my new home, so I was volunteered to be the hostess. There was so much food, and I so much appreciate everyone's help!

Aunt Linda, Dad, Mom and Becky helping get everything ready.What a smorgasbord!

We headed to Mobile early Sunday morning. Christmas Posts to follow!


Michael and Hannah said...

What a beautiful service! Wish I could have been there... it's been too long since I've heard you sing. Sarah's baby must have jaundice like Wesley did - he looks like a glo-worm with the billy blanket behind him. Just like Wes! We called it his "jet pack." He's a handsome fella. Your kitchen looks pretty. Can't wait to see the rest of the house.

Michael and Hannah said...
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Anonymous said...

Whit, be sure to send my love and congratulations to Sarah and William. Their baby is precious! Thanks for hosting the Christmas party! Everything was wonderful! You were a great hostess! Love you.