Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Hardy Family Christmas

Sunday morning, Justin and I left to spend a few days with his family in Mobile. No one was really wanting to do the whole big food preparation, so we decided to gather at Justin sister's home for a beautiful Christmas feast of PIZZA! Rick and Debbie were gracious hosts and we had a great time opening presents and singing Christmas carols with Sue (Justin's mom), Scott and Hilary (Justin's bro and sis-in-law), Meghan and Caitlin (their kids), Rick and Debbie (Justin's sis and bro-in-law), Jared (their son), Jessica (their daughter), and Aidan (Jessica's son). Melissa, V and Cullen were not able to make it because Melissa isn't feeling well. She is pregnant, due in May. We missed seeing them! Here are a few pictures from the Hardy Family Christmas.
Meghan with her gift from us - a Webkinz leopard she named Liz after her teacher.

Caitlin with her Princess Dress Up clothes. For the past few years, Caitlin has been all about Dora the Explorer. She informed us this year that she's over Dora and it's all Princess now!

This is Jared, our nephew. We went in with Scott and Hilary to buy him a steering wheel for his XBox 360. What we didn't realize was that he was actually getting the XBox from Santa... our Christmas was 2 days before. Oops!

Aidan is our great-nephew... our neice Jessica's son. He was trying to exchange this ornament for my camera. Sorry Aidan. :-)

Justin's brother Scott. Husband of Hilary, dad of Meghan and Caitlin.

Meghan wanted to take a "gangsta" picture. SO, this is it. Just before this photo, Caitlin asked me how to do take a gangster photo. This is her attempt after a brief tutorial. Look closely, hilarious!

Justin got a leaf blower from his mom, and she gave me Auburn folding chairs. Ms. Hardy, if you're reading this, we really appreciate the chairs and will definitely be using them, but we may buy a few Alabama chairs to even out the loot. Although I cheer for Auburn when they aren't playing Bama, I bleed Crimson and White in my core! :-) We got a Books-A-Million gift card and a stress-reducer thing that goes around your neck, and I got a furry headband from Scott and Hilary. We had a great night. My very favorite part was singing Christmas carols... of course.

Stay tuned for the Leach family Christmas post!

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Lindsey said...

Hey Whitney, I just read your previous post and am so glad to see that you're still participating in singing and performing - you have such a talent in that area and I wish we could've been there to hear your song! Also, the gangsta' pic in this post cracked me up! btw: pizza on Christmas Eve would have made my Christmas experience complete - that is by far my fave food!!! Looking forward to hearing more about ya'lls Christmas this year!