Tuesday, February 19, 2008

P is for Pottery

Every month, all the girls in our Small Group get together and do something fun. Not that studying God's word isn't fun, but we all long for special "Girl time." Almost everyone was able to be there. Lanie had to miss because she tore her ACL playing basketball (double whammy), but Laura, Maghan, Martha, Martina, Jamie, Bethany, Ashley, me, Rachel and Jessa (back row, then front row, left to right in the picture below) had a blast. I painted 4 coasters. One was leopard print, one was zebra print, one had a big red flower on it, and the other was green with different colored circles. I had fun being creative. Y'all know I love anything crafty! Here's a picture of the girls once it was all said and done.


Michael and Hannah said...

Want to see pics of your artwork! I use the plates you girls made me at my party all the time.

Shauna said...

Hey girl - I keep emailing you back but I am afraid it might be going to your junk mail - please check!! :)


Lindsey said...

Yay for girls night out! Sounds like a blast!