Saturday, July 11, 2009

Little Swimmers

Tonight, Hayes had a playdate with a few of his friends in the neighborhood. Since moving to Ross Bridge, we have been so blessed to meet such wonderful friends and we all had babies within 6 months of each other!
Jen and Bobby (born in May '09)
Ava Claire (the oldest baby and Hayes' girlfriend, born December '08)

Dana and Kayla (the youngest baby, born May '09)

Ginger and Harper (born in March... exactly one week before Hayes)

Me and Hayes (born March 12, 2009)

Here's the whole clan... Ginger and Harper, Amy and Ava Claire, Jen and Bobby, Me and Hayes, Dana and Kayla. These kids are going to have so much fun growing up together.

Here's the group again... plus Tarayn, the surrogate aunt! :-)
We can't wait for our next playdate! And in case you were wondering, our husbands were there, too. We all brought food and they sat around and talked while we played with the babies. They just aren't quite as into photo documentation!
P.S. My very good friend, Jessa was also there, and since I stole most of these pictures from my friends, I don't have one of the two of us. Jessa, when you read this, e-mail me the one Michael took of us so I can post it! :-)


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