Friday, July 24, 2009

Look-Alike Meter

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This Look-Alike Meter says Hayes looks just a little more like Daddy than Mommy! I've always thought that Hayes looks like a mix between my dad and Justin. What do YOU think?

UPDATE: I re-did the pictures and tried the Look-Alike Meter again... 13% more like Daddy this time. Martina, that's a little more than 3%. Think we're any closer?



Michael and Hannah said...

Unless his fingers are included in this analysis, I figured it would come up at least 75% more like Justin!

The Penter Family said...

Waaaaay more than 3% like Justin!

Michael and Hannah said...

Put a picture of your dad up there... I bet Hayes will look more than just 3% more like him!

Alicia said...

I think it's too soon to tell with Hayes. Wait until he has more hair and try it again:) Josh and I just tried it with Caroline and it was exactly 50/50...ha,ha!

Rachel said...

I'm surprised! He looks so much like Justin!! :)
Did you put a pic of your dad and Justin to compare?

Michael and Hannah said...

13% is a LITTLE more like it!