Tuesday, May 16, 2006

THE book incident...

For the past two weeks, I have devoted pretty much every moment between work and sleep to creating a book of profiles on all the kids in our youth group for our new youth ministers, Tim and Andrea Mills. It was supposed to be a simple project. Every youth sponsor had a copy of the profile for the kids to fill out and it was their responsibility to get the kids in their grade to complete the profile and provide a digital picture or a hard copy pic that they could part with. We had less than two weeks to get profiles on all 100 kids (7th - 12th grade). I had help from ONE person. He is part of the youth support team, but between the two of us, we were able to pull together about 60% of the kids' profiles. It was stressful, but I just knew it would be worth it when we presented it to them. Sunday at church, I got about 15 more profiles and pictures. I printed the pictures at Walgreens (Snapfish was broken, so Justin had to take a CD and have them printed). I was stressed because we were running out of time. I still had to put the last of the profiles together and bind it at Justin's office. While at Justin's office, his old boss, Kirk drove by. Justin ran outside to talk to him and I continued working in his office. I finished attaching the profiles to the pictures and was ready to print off the documents from the computer, so I ran outside to ask Justin his password. I made it a point to hold the building door open so it wouldn't lock behind me... not thinking about the door to his actual office. I turned the handle to Justin's office... nothing. Tried the other two doors... nothing. I'm holding back tears at this point because not only is THE book inside, but so is my purse, my makeup, our phones, our keys and MY SHOES! You see, I had taken them off because I'm pretty sure I broke my pinkie toe Saturday and my cute shoes were hurting my feet. We called the emergency number, but they couldn't let us into the individual offices. We had to go to the youth event without THE book, I couldn't refreshen myself after my tears had pretty much washed away my makeup, and SHOELESS! I was disappointed, but Justin told everyone the story and he made it really funny. We met Tim and Andrea for breakfast Monday morning and proudly presented THE book. They were very appreciative. It turned out great! We are really looking forward to having them at Homewood. The kids really seemed to like them. So, that's THE book incident! Enjoy the read!

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