Thursday, May 17, 2007

Does this carpet look frayed to YOU?

Today, we received the home inspection results from the buyer, and there were only two items on the list! We were pleased, in general, but are still puzzled about one of the items.
1. Broken lock on window. Yes, I know. It's been broken since we moved in, and we will have it repaired.
2. Carpet is frayed where tile meets carpet when going from kitchen to dining room. Do WHAT? I got down on my hands and knees tonight to see what in the world the inspector could be refering to. You be the judge.

So, does this carpet look frayed to YOU?

Now, I must point out two things.

One. Since when is a home inspector supposed to look at carpet??? Does the alleged frayed carpet affect the structural integrity of my home? NO! It's purely cosmetic... assuming that it actually IS frayed.

Two. I'm no home inspector, but I know of at least 3 other items that should have been on the list that weren't.
1. There is a ring around my shower ceiling that was caused from the overspray of the oil-based paint that was used for the crown molding.
2. The light above my tub in the second bath does not consistently come on and off because the insulation causes it to overheat.
3. There are 2 pieces of trim on the exterior of the home that need to be repainted to avoid any rotting in the future.

And, I knew about the lock on my window, so that would have been my #4. I will have all the above items repaired before I move out (without being asked). But FRAYED CARPET? Um, no.
The buyer's agent is coming tomorrow to look at the carpet to determine if it is, in fact, frayed. I hope he thinks the inspector is looney, too.

On a different note, tonight I went to an art class and painted the below masterpiece!

There is an artist here in Birmingham who teaches a class almost every night called Sips 'n Strokes. You pay about $30, she furnishes all the supplies, and teaches you how to paint! It's so much fun to go with a group of girls and let loose. Tonight, I went with Dana (her hubby is Justin's best friend), Annette and Kelly, who are 2 of my Bunko friends. Wendy, the instructor, says the more wine you drink, the better your painting will be! I usually play it safe with a Mountain Dew or Diet Cherry Coke!

Tomorrow, I'm off to Gulf Shores for a few days! A few of our friends are there now, so I'm going to try to make it down for an early dinner, but we'll see. I have a closing in the morning, and I can't leave until afterwards.

Anyway, until next time...


Stacy said...

Hey Whitney!
That carpet looks totally fine to me! We have bought two houses and sold one, and I haven't found a home inspector that I loved yet! A contractor friend of mine who used to build houses told me that most home inspectors are really guys who wanted to be city inspectors but couldn't make the cut!! That made me laugh!
The painting is cool....just think how swirly the tree would be if you had had some wine!!
Have a good time at the beach...
Stacy :)

Michael and Hannah said...

That's some beautiful carpet, Whit.

amber said...

First of all, so glad you are blogging again! I'm terrible at it but am trying to get a little better. I had fun reading all your recent entries. About the carpet, yes it looks perfect and I'm sorry you are having to deal with that. Our home inspector also found just two things. One we knew about and the other thing he said was that our air conditioning unit was "noisy." Yep. SO, just because HE thought it was noisy (don't all units sound differently?) we had to pay $75 to get it serviced just to hear what we already knew... that it worked perfectly. Nice. And actually the guy that came to look at it said he thought it sounded quieter than many units he sees. thanks home inspector!

Your painting is awesome! Really, it is. I think you have a hidden talent!

Your new house is going to be beautiful! Keep posting pictures of the progress!

Are you going to Gulf Shores this weekend? We'll be driving through B'ham on Sunday. Let me know and maybe we can see ya!