Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Mother's Day and More!

Let me start off by saying that I cannot imagine what it must be like in Northeast Florida and Southeast Georgia right now. This morning when I left for work, there was a think smokey haze outside. Not only was the air thick, but it smelled of burning leaves. "Something's burning nearby!" I thought to myself as I got in my car. It wasn't until I got to work 15 miles away, the air still thick with smoke, that it finally hit me (with the help of my work partner).

In Birmingham, Alabama, 300 miles away, we can see and smell the smoke from these fires that have ravaged almost 1000 square kilometers of Georgia and Florida. If it's this bad here, I JUST CAN'T IMAGINE WHAT IT'S LIKE THERE!

On a different note (and we'll work backwards, I suppose), Sunday was Mother's Day! I actually had the day off work, so I spent the day basking in the sun at our community pool. We had dinner with the whole fam that night at Bonefish Grill (Mom's pick... well, her second pick. We couldn't get a reservation at Brio). Here's a picture of Mom and me at dinner.

And here's one of her with my sweet daddy.

Mom's are special, and so much of who I am today is because of my mom's influence. I really do have a great mom. So great, in fact, that she is letting us move in with her and Dad while our new home is being finished! I've been promising pictures, so here's the most recent one.

This is what our home will look like for the remainder of this week, and part of next. This week end, the Regions Charity Classic Senior PGA Golf Tournament is being held in Ross Bridge, the community where our home is being built, and where I work! As a resident (and a sales agent), we get free tickets to the tourney, and special parking passes. It's such a blessing to work in a community that has so many fun events. AND, it really helps to work for a smart builder who builds such cool homes at such a great price!

Off my soapbox. I do enough of that during the day.

A quick rundown of the week...

American Idol tonight. Although I'm a FAITHFUL watcher and supporter, I am completely apathetic about who I want to see in the finals. Last week, I voted for Blake because I didn't want LaKeisha to be in the finals. But now, I just don't care! I think they're all good. Jordin has made a great comeback, and shows such talent at such a young age. Melinda has been consistently incredible ever since her audition. And Blake has a fresh unique musical style that I can really respect. I didn't vote this week. I decided to let the rest of America decide!

Tomorrow morning at 8:00 is our home inspection. Please pray it goes well!

And finally, at the end of the week, we are GULF SHORES bound! I'll try to remember to take pictures this time.

This should be plenty of reading material until next time!



Kenny Simpson said...

Who is your pick to win? Jamey and I are hoping Blake will take it. He is the most original idol on the show.

Michael and Hannah said...

No wonder I didn't know about your blog... you went like 8 months without posting anything! Glad you're back on blogger, because you know how I feel about MySpace! It will be good to see your smiling face on a regular basis again! I really miss you!

Lindsey said...

Hey chick! SO Glad you're back in to the blogger world - I use this more often than MySpace just because I feel like I can develop closer relationships with the people on here...it's less people to keep up with! :) Neways, love the pics of your soon to be new home - your parents look great and glad you were able to spend Mother's Day with your mom!

Lindsey said...

BTW: I haven't watched American Idol in weeks but I definitely remember Blake and his origonality...although there are some girls this season who can sing like none other - I'm still rootin' for Blake!! He was cool!

kristy patterson said...

yea!!! I'm so glad you've come back to blogger world. How exciting that you and Justin are building a house. Once you're in Ross Bridge you won't be too far from us (what is it, like 5-10 miles, maybe?) We will no longer have an excuse for not hanging out!