Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Marriage Celebration in Athens

Weekend before last, Justin and I drove to Athens, Alabama for a party in honor of one of Justin's best friends, Keith. Justin and Keith have been best friends since 2nd grade when Justin moved to Gulf Shores. They lived in the same neighborhood and grew up practically as brothers. They even lived together in Auburn and in Birmingham before Justin bought a house about a year before we got married. Kim came into the picture shortly after I did, and she and Keith have dated ever since. Over the summer, they tied the knot in Jamaica, and had a party for friends and family in Athens, AL on September 29th. The weather was absolutely perfect for an outdoor reception, and the band's music selection was fabulous. We enjoyed seeing Keith's family and visiting with old friends... and new!

Now this is where it gets crazy. I have been playing Bunko for about a year and a half with a very random group of girls from all around Birmingham. My friend, Lexy invited her friend Meredith to join us. Meredith and Lexy went to school together at Mississippi State. So, Meredith and I had known each other for about a year when I saw her picture on Keith's MySpace page! What I didn't know, is that Kim is Meredith's step-sister!!!

The wedding party in Athens was actually held at the home where Meredith grew up, so it was neat to see her socially in a setting totally UN-related to Bunko. Lori (Keith's sister), Meredith, and I posing for a picture as things were winding down. Keith finally made it to the stage to play the guitar with the band, and Kim's friend's husband serenaded the couple as they danced... or at least tried to. Justin and I finally made it back to Birmingham around 3:00am (it's a 2 hour drive), but we had such a nice time.


Lindsey said...

How fun - love that pic of you and Justin - ya'll make a gorgeous couple! And what a small world, huh?! That's crazy that your two friends were step-sisters!!

Jen said...

That party looked like a blast! It was fun to catch up on your posts and read about your life with Justin, in terms of cooking, trash, etc. The ways that different couples make it work is so fascinating to me!!!!

You guys are a beautiful couple.

Stacy said...

You look so pretty!! I am, however, upset...because Athens is like 15 minutes away from me!! You guys could've come up a little earlier and eaten lunch with us, or stayed the night so you wouldn't have to drive back late!! O-well, next time! Glad you had fun!