Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Birmingham or Aspen?

Saturday morning was an off day. Rare that I get one on a Saturday, but I was hosting a baby shower for my close friend Roni, who had a precious baby girl back in December. There was talk of snow, but in Birmingham, the chances are always slim. When Justin and I woke up, he asked me if it had snowed, and I leaned over to look through the shudders. Just brown grass, so I rolled back over for another cuddle. We got up shortly afterwards because the dogs were restless, and we saw that there was actually a little snow collecting in the crevices of the rooftops all around us. Not long after, real snowflakes began falling and blanketed the ground with the white stuff!Justin and I went outside where we got together with our fun neighbors, Matt and Amy, and we all put our heads together about making homemade sleds. We tried cookie sheets, lids to storage boxes and large dog food sacks, but what seemed to work best of all was plain old cardboard wrapped in a black garbage sack.

After wearing out the hill between our house and our neighbor's, we decided to search for a more challenging sledding spot. We borrowed my work golf cart and set out on our journey with Matt and Amy in tow. We stopped at a pocket park just around the corner where several of our neighbors were having a snowball fight. One of the dad's (hi David Hines) was making either the snowball of the century or the base of a snowman... either way it became the snowball of the century when he threw it toward our moving-ever-so-slowly-up-the-hill golf cart. The snowball was broken up by a tree before it reached us, but we stopped for a full blown war between us and the kids and dads and moms that were in the park.

After our war, we resumed our adventure for the perfect sledding spot. At this point we had decided there were too many houses to find a good hill, so we decided to break all the neighborhood covenants and restrictions and hit the golf course. We took the cart between two houses close to the cart path and quickly found a good spot.

Before we left Amy bundled up in her ski gear (including goggles, gloves, boots, ski pants and jacket). She looked cute AND warm! My jacket was warm, but my jeans and running shoes were quick to get wet. Look at the course behind us, isn't it just beautiful!

Matt (left) and Justin (right) had races to see who could sled the farthest... furthest. Is it farthest or furthest??? Amy and I enjoyed laughing at both of them!

Matt with his feet in the air after a pretty long run!

Justin experimenting the side slide. We determined this was NOT the best sledding move.

We headed back to the house after being "reprimanded" by a golf course worker, but I have to admit that he was very kind to us. He let us slide a few more times where we were, but asked that we limit the sledding to holes 2 and 3 so they could monitor everyone (apparently others had our same idea). He said he understands that it doesn't snow often in Alabama and told us to have fun and be safe. We asked if we could drive around on the cart path and just look at the snow on the course, and he said okay. We thought that was very kind of him!

So, what a fun day to be off work (my other partners had to go in despite the snow). I'm so glad we finally had snow. The snow melted after about 1:00 and the roads were fine by the time I hosted the baby shower at 3:00. I'll post pictures of the party soon!


Michael and Hannah said...

Wow... enjoy the snow! It's in the 70s here and I don't think I'm ever gonna get to shut off the AC!

Sorry to hear about Rick's son. I'm praying for the fam.

Supabloggasuprememama said...

glad you guys had such a fun time!

kate said...

I love your Craftsman house!! We have a Craftsman, too. Is yours old or is it just built to look old? I'd love to see more pics if you will post them!