Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Mom's birthday is New Years Day. On one hand it's a good day for a birthday because everyone is always off work, but on the other hand, it's a terrible day. For one, you give you best gift at Christmas. Second of all, you spend so much emotional energy getting ready for Christmas and then all of a sudden it's New Year's Eve, and you haven't thought of a gift. I know it's not all about the gift, but when it's YOUR day, it's nice to be pampered.

This year, Mom and Dad, Matthew and Amanda, and Justin and I got together at Sumo - Japanese Steakhouse for a fun birthday dinner. We had the best chef. He was absolutely hilarious, and really put on a how for Mom... who was mortified at all the attention. He even threw a shrimp or something for her to catch in her mouth... which she missed. I'm pretty sure it was the most embarassing birthday ever. She hates all that attention. I am obviously NOT like my mother in that respect. My birthday lasts for the entire month of September! :-)

My cute dad and mom.
My silly brother, Matthew and his silly wife, Amanda. Love you guys!
A downright horrible picture of Justin and me... but I wanted to document our presence, and this is the only shot of us I have! Justin grew a mustache for the holidays. I'm SO glad he finally shaved it off. It was disgusting. Ew.

My embarassed mother as we sing Happy Birthday to Yoooooou!

Happy Birthday, Mom! I hope 2008 is the greatest year yet!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks sweetie! It was a fun evening. I was just trying to get past the "non-fun" moments. Love you.