Friday, May 22, 2009

Take me out to the ball game!

Hayes' first trip to the baseball park! We went to see Arkansas play Florida during the SEC tournament at Regions Park here in Birmingham. We got there early and were able to secure a spot behind the net in order to protect Hayes from foul balls! Hayes was so good! He stared at the ball players and barely cried at all! At the end of the game, the Florida team gave Hayes one of the game balls. I'm pretty sure he was the littlest fan there!
Justin and an unhappy Hayes getting the best seats in the stadium.
Sa-wing batter, batter!
Family Photo... what was Hayes staring at?The windup.
Hayes and Mommy!



The Cosby's said...

Justin looks so natural with the baby carrier around his neck. I love it! Fun times.

Michael and Hannah said...

Hayes it cute, but my only thoughts when looking at these pics is of how amazing YOU look!!!