Thursday, July 19, 2007

Adler's Boo-Boo...

So many of you are mothers. I am a mother, too... but in a different way. I have two precious baby-dogs. Rez and Adler are, for now, the closest things to children that Justin and I have. They go everywhere with us... vacation, work (well, they go to work with Justin), shopping, they sleep with us, and have even been known to wait patiently in the car while we are at church or eating at a restaurant. They are great dogs - so well behaved. Here is a picture of them just before our walk yesterday. Aren't they cute?!

Adler is very photogenic, but Rez refused to perk her ears up for this shot.

This one is from Christmas 2006.

Hannah, I know you (and probably others, too) think this humanizing-the-dog thing is absolutely ridiculous, but I can't help it. If I've accurately painted the picture of how much we love our dogs, you can imagine my intense concern when I saw the below flesh wound on Adler's back.

I tried to blow up the actual wound so you could see it a little better.

The vet said he could stitch her up, but Justin opted not to because we're not crazy about the idea of putting the dogs under anesthesia. It's so sad to see her in pain, although I think it bothers me more than it bothers her. I've been cleaning the wound with hydrogen peroxide several times a day, and she's been taking amoxicillin to fight any infection. I must say she's been quite a big girl. After about a day of trying to figure out what actually happened to cause such a wound, Justin noticed there was a little bit of Adler's hair on the knob that adjusts the umbrella on the patio table. What are the chances!? Poor Adler... hopefully her wound will heal soon, and without infection!

And because Justin hasn't gotten much face time on the blog lately, I found this picture fitting. Here's my #1 baby with my #2 and #3 babies - my precious family.


Lindsey said...

omiword - you think an umbrella did that?! how awful!! Poor baby!! Listen, I totally understand humanizing dogs...that is the only pet I would ever do that for! I'm so sorry that your baby got hurt so badly - take good care of him and from one dog lover to another, give him a hug for me!! :)

Kristy said...

Sweet, sweet dogs! I am a mother of three (dogs); possibly four by the end of the year. When one can't have children, dogs are the next best thing! Take good care of that wound and he will be out running in no time! :o)

Michael and Hannah said...

Ouchie! Even a non-dog-lover like me has to shudder at a boo-boo like that! Take good care of your baby and I'll overlook the Santa's lap silliness.

Stacy said...

Poor little thing!!