Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Eye Emergency and Celebrity Look-Alikes

Am I the only one who glances through my entire blogroll about once a day? Sometimes I don't get a chance (like the last 2 weeks in June this year), but I usually try to click through to check for recent updates... even if I just skim the post and don't get a chance to comment or write a post of my own. Well, I have begun getting sad sometimes when I check day after day and there's not a new post! I know that most of us have more to do than sit around pounding out new posts on our laptops every day, but I really enjoy getting the daily updates... no matter how trivial. So tonight, after parousing the blogroll, I noticed that my last entry was 6 days ago!!! If I were someone else, I'd be wanting me to post!!! (Um, does that even make sense? Oh well.) Anyway, my life mainly consists of of the basic mundanes, with the spice of life added every now and then, so I KNOW that most of you are not waiting on pins and needles, clicking on my blog every day for an update, but here you go. And I'll be brief. Ha!

We had a great time at the beach. Justin and I just hung around mom-in-law's house and watched movies, slept in and just enjoyed spending time with each other. I put an away message on my voice mail so I could leave it off GUILT-FREE! It was wonderful. Anyway, Saturday while cleaning my contact lens, I tore it. Not sure how, it just tore. Unfortunately, my prescription was expired (by 2 months), so I had to go to the eye doctor. Now, two visits, two sets of contacts, and two optometrists later, I'm hoping to get fitted in the CORRECT prescription tomorrow. The doctor in Gulf Shores made such a mistake that I can barely read street signs while driving until I have practically passed them. I have an optometrist friend named Dr. Bonnie Mallard, and I am seeing her tomorrow to get this all cleared up (pun intended). Thanks Bonnie!

I'll leave you with this. I've seen this before several times, but for some reason, tonight I felt like adding it to my blog. I'm curious to see who YOU look like! Do you agree that I look like these celebrity ladies?

Aloha (from what I hear, this can be used as hello OR goodbye in Hawaii... ooh, I want to go there...NOW!)


Stacy said...

I don't post every day either, but whenever I have two seconds of down-time I am usually checking my email and scrolling through my blogroll!! And YES-I do get frustrated when I waste two clicks just to see that someone hasn't posted!!! :) The days I post are days that I am usually up for the paper and don't actually go back to sleep!

I think you favor several of the actresses--probably in the smile more than anything! I did that several months ago and when it said I looked like Regis Philbin I decided that wasn't the game for me!!! ;)

Sorry about the contact trouble...I hate having to get new prescriptions-- by the way...if you were like me and NEVER took your contacts out in the first place, you wouldn't have torn it cleaning it!!! ha ha

Hey...wanna try to meet for lunch halfway one day??? Granted...I will have (hopefully-not-screaming) little ones in tow!

kristy patterson said...

Your post inspired me to write a post too, since it had been a few days since my last update (I even gave you a shout out on the blog) :) On a different note, I do think you look like Amanda Bynes which is a good think because I think she's precious. You kinda have her fun, bubbly personality too. Again, a good thing. Thanks for the updates.