Sunday, July 29, 2007

Sunday afternoon drive

Lately, Justin and I have been on this classic car kick. His 1998 Ford Expedition has over 280,000 miles on it, and is still going strong, but we know that the end is near. We bought me a 2005 Expedition Limited at the end of last year, but our intent was for Justin to get the '05 when his decides to expire. At that point, we'll get me something different. I must admit that it has really been Justin's thing, but he was slowly convincing me that a classic car might be a really fun thing. He showed me about a million cars from a 1966 Cadillac DeVille to a 1965 Ford Thunderbird. The first one to put a twinkle in my eye was a 1964 Chevrolet Corvair Monza - convertible. The body is maroon, the rag top and interior are white. We saw it while driving down the highway headed to Gulf Shores. Today, we went for a drive. Here are a few pictures.
Even though it was 96 degrees outside, and the car has no AC, we felt so cool driving around in this vintage convertible.

No power steering and the brakes were stiff, but it drove pretty well! It had a lot more get-up-and-go than we thought it would.

My turn!

After driving it, we came to the conclusion that it is a great and wonderful "fun" car, but it just doesn't really suit my needs for a daily driver. We would still love to have a classic car sometime in the future, but it's just not time right now.

After the drive, we went back to Justin's mom's house and played with the dogs before settling down to watch a movie. I love Sunday afternoons. I wish I had more of them! Most Sunday afternoons for me are spend being a circus monkey in the model home at Ross Bridge - by far our busiest days. Here are a few pictures we took this afternoon in the yard. Too cute not to post.

Justin and me.

Show me those pearly whites, Rez!

Rez and Justin having some bonding time. Yes, Justin did get a very very very very short haircut. It looks nice, although he looks like he's trying to cover up a receding hair line.
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend, too! It's back to reality tomorrow. Sad.


Michael and Hannah said...

You guys are so cute... you remind me of Nathan and Angel. You're so hip and free and retro! Okay, I just got Wes down for his nap and I'm going to -gasp!- check my voicemail for the past two weeks. This may take awhile...

amber said...

Cute pics Whit! Mike's all time dream is to own an old muscle car. He also would like to buy one of those kits and put one together himself. He's great with cars so I'm sure he'll do it... one of these days.

Lindsey said...

Oh...I cannot show this post to Chad or he will SO want to take a "test drive" in one!! (And between you and me...I am not the classic car type.) I told him he can have one eventually, but first I want my dream home!!! :) Glad you guys enjoyed a beautiful day together!

Whitney said...

You all may be surprised to learn that this classic in great condition (although not mint) was for sale for a mere $3800. What ALMOST had me into this whole classic car thing, was Justin telling me this car would only appreciate in value. Since when do you ever GAIN money with a car? With newer cars, the value plummets with every tick of the odometer. In the end, we both agreed that it’s just not the right time for us to be classic car owners.

kristy patterson said...

The pictures are supeur cute! I'm glad you enjoyed your fun, relaxing day with your hubby :)

katherine said...

I think it's great that you have pictures of your dogs all over your blog. Chevy is definitely a member of our little family--definitely the furriest member.