Monday, January 15, 2007

Midnight Ramblings

So, I had every good intention of going to church tonight. I even brought clothes to change into after work... even shoes. However, as is becoming more and more frequent, I got a headache. I have learned to listen to my body... well, at least my head. I can now tell the difference between "Ow, my head kinda hurts" and "Oh no, this one's going to be a doozie!" Tonights was a doozie. Luckily it started right after work, so it didn't interfere with my amazing home sales ability. ;-) But nevertheless, I got home around 7:00ish (I drove around the community just looking at how it has all changed because I'm a dork and I love my job). Anyway, once home, I immediately changed into my pajamas (which I never do) and went next door to see my neighbor (because she is so sweet to visit me a lot and I NEVER go see her), and then when my headache really got too much to bear in public, I came home and went to bed. Time: 8:00.

Now, I don't know how many of you are familiar with my sleeping habits, but this chick usually isn't even HOME at 8:00 most nights. I'm the one running around, coming home after the world shuts down, checking my e-mail and MySpace for a few hours, watching a little (very very little) TV (I'm pleased to say, I don't watch any shows on a regular basis), and finally hitting the sack around midnight or 1:00. Y'all, this is my REGULAR routine! So now, it's 12:32. I have already been asleep for 4 hours, approximately 2/3 of my usual nightly rest... and I'm wide awake. So wide awake, that I actually pulled out my computer and began typing this blog!

There are a few things that have been polluting my mind lately. Now is as good a time as any to share (put your seatbelts on guys, this may be a long one!).

1. My kitchen. Justin and I will most likely be moving into a new home in the fall. We have picked out our floor plan and I've been devoting a lot of thought each day to which colors, cabinets, tile, carpet, hardwoods, etc. we'll put in the new house. I go through new homes every day and have for almost 2 years now, but I had never been into a kitchen that "wow"ed me as much as the one I went into on Friday. Unfortunately the house has been locked all weekend - not even I have a key! And I can't get in to take pictures! Sad! So, tomorrow I get to go back and make sure it's as beautiful as it's been in my head all weekend, then I'm just going to make a decision to go for it... no matter the cost. (Surprise, Justin!)

2. My headaches. So, is this going to be a regular occurance, or what?! I really HATE, DETEST, LOATHE, etc. going to the doctor, so I really really hope this is just a phase. God, please, please let this pass!

3. Babies. Many of my friends from college have started their families. Actually, 2 of my closest friends already have two precious kiddos, one is pregnant with her second, many are enjoying baby #1 right now, AND I just found out that another girlfriend who has been married a whopping 14 weeks is now 14 weeks pregnant in addition to the many others who are pregnant for the first time!!!! Now, my work friends are different. Our sales team is a pretty tight group of somewhere around 11 people. One guy, two gals who are just a little past their child-bearing ages, and the rest of us are young married couples in our upper 20s to low 30s. It's only a matter of time. In fact, one of the girls, Ashley, is a few months pregnant now. It'll be good how she handles sales in her community while on maternity leave. Glad she's the first to go through that, and not me! Anyway, it just hasn't seemed the right time for us, but maybe around the end of the year we can start thinking about it more seriously. Who knows? We are just praying that when we make the decision to have a baby, that God will let us get pregnant quickly. I have so many friends who have trouble, and I know how it puts such a burden on their life.

4. Exercise. Why can't I get motivated to get out and do it on a regular basis. I know I would feel and look so much better. Am I lazy? Same applies for eating right, getting enough sleep, getting up early enough to not be rushed, etc. This is a personality flaw.

Anyway, so just a few things I've been thinking a lot about lately. I think Lindsey Eason is the only one who actually reads these (Hi Lindsey), so it's really more for me to release, but it helps!
It is now 12:50. Hopefully I will be able to fall asleep... but I feel wide awake. Usually I fall asleep praying, maybe that will work. ;-)