Tuesday, December 23, 2008

He's a mover and a shaker!

At 29 weeks, and with just 75 days left, baby Hardy is REALLY starting to make himself known! I think he gets the most enjoyment out of playing with my bladder. I have these sudden urges of "if-I-don't-get-to-the-restroom-right-this-very-moment-there's-going-to-be-trouble," but when I finally make it, only a dribble comes out. I think he's squeezing it from time to time just to torment me! Maybe this means he will have a sense of humor like his funny daddy! Other than that, the other other discomfort is when I sleep and wake up. In the morning, I can really feel him in my upper back and very briefly in my legs when I get up. I've started sleeping more restlessly, but the good news is that the discomfort quickly leaves once I'm up.

This morning, in the tub (yes, I'm a tub-girl, not a shower-girl), I felt him get the hiccups for the second time. If he's anything like his mom, this will be something of a regular occurance for the rest of his life. I get them more than any adult I know!!! I remember my math teacher in 6th grade made me stand in front of the class in an effort to "frighten" the hiccups away. It worked.

Here's a picture of me that Mom took this week end at my aunt and uncle's home in Chattanooga, TN... a day or so shy of 29 weeks.

See, I told you I hit a growth spurt!
Last year, the Henry/Leach Christmas was at my house. It was quite a production! This year, we went back to Chattanooga to my Aunt Linda and Uncle Jim's home. It is often there because of all of our family in Ringgold, GA not far away. Because so many of my cousins now live in Birmingham, I'm thinking next year it will probably be somewhere around here.

I can't believe tomorrow is Christmas Eve. I'm so thankful to have a few days off work, and we are looking forward to spending Christmas day with my family, then spending the Saturday afterwards with the Hardy family in Gulf Shores/Mobile.

In November, my sales team received a bonus for meeting our sales goals since the economy has been so unstable. We should get the actual check today and I am planning on buying a nice camera that we can use to document baby Hardy's first years. If we have time tonight after work, I might even go ahead and get it so I can play with it and learn how to use it over the Christmas holiday. If so, I will be able to post pictures of our Christmases. If not, I will have to depend on others' photos to tell my stories. ;-)

Hope you all have a very merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

28 weeks! What! Where did the time go?!

Life has been too busy to blog lately! My only blogging hours have fallen post-midnight or pre-dawn... neither a likelihood at this point with my busy work and holiday schedule.

Today we went for our 28 week appointment. Excuse me, 28 weeks?! We have tipped over into the third trimester already and I absolutely can't believe it. Over the past three weeks, my tummy has hit a bit of a growth spurt, but after a pretty good weight gain at my 26 week appointment, I found out today that I actually lost a pound from my last visit! I'm hovering around 13 total weight gain since the beginning, and I'm hoping not to exceed 20. All those experienced mommies, is this reasonable at this point with about 12 weeks left? Today I got my Rogan shot because of my Rh negative blood. It was probably one of the most painful shots I've had because of the sheer volume of medicine going inside. Luckily, it was inserted in my very well-padded bum. Today, we also scheduled a 4-D ultrasound for mid-January. We were back and forth about whether we wanted to have this. I was indifferent, but today Justin mentioned that he thought it would be cool, so we scheduled it for the 14th of Jan. I am excited to see what this little booger looks like now! We will be 32 weeks by that point!

A week or so ago, I ordered the crib set from a lady here in Birmingham who makes baby bedding. I hope it looks good when she completes it! I patterned it from this photo:

The colors are pretty much the same, but I wanted a gathered skirt instead. She is also making the skirt a little longer, and I didn't order a toy bag. The back of the bumber is going to have the letter "H" monogrammed... same with the pillow and blanket!

Why just the letter H? THE BABY HAS NO NAME! Although we have a short list, we haven't nailed down exactly what we're going to call this little guy yet. I'm ready to commit, but Justin is wanting to see what he looks like first. Maybe the 4-D ultrasound will help!

Well, by this point in my pregnancy, the baby should be around 14 inches long and a little over 2 pounds. He can blink, hear, suck his thumb, and do all sorts of other things I never would have thought a baby could do in utero.

In just a few short months, we'll be able to meet our little guy. I can't wait!