Friday, June 15, 2007

A little bit of this, a little bit of that...

Sorry it's been so long since I posted, but I've pretty much been in the same routine for a few weeks. Work work work, steal away to the beach for a few days, then work work work again. So is my life right now. Only thing different is that tomorrow is my TEN YEAR HIGH SCHOOL REUNION!!! It actually started tonight with "Happy Hour" at Oak Hill Bar and Grill in downtown Homewood, but I passed on that in an effort to find the perfect shoes for the dress I bought for the big shin-dig tomorrow night at SoHo Square in the center of my lovely hometown. I've been trying to find the perfect outfit for tomorrow's picnic at Homewood park, and I finally settled tonight. I'll post pics and a full update after tomorrow.

But anyway, the past few weeks. We had our frame review on our new house this week, which means that we're THAT much closer to completion. The drywall is sitting inside the home as of this afternoon, but has not yet been installed. The outside will probably be painted soon, and as soon as they build the columns, it won't look so top-heavy!

I've been down to Gulf Shores a few times to bask in God's glorious sun on the most beautiful sugar-white beaches in the world! Last time I was down there, I got new running shoes! Asics DS Trainer Xi. These shoes help protect my feet from overpronation (basically... my foot rolls in a little too much each time I take a step. This supports my arch, so that doesn't happen so much). So far, so good. No blisters yet, but my "long" run has been only 2 miles. We'll see over the next few weeks how they do. Here's a picture...

By they way, I still hate running, but it's just something that you have to do sometimes in order to not be the size of a small yacht, ya know?

Living with Mom and Dad hasn't been too bad. They still get irritated if we come in late, or don't "clean our room," but most days it's just fine. Keep praying for us!!!

Well, y'all, as interesting as I know this post has been, I'm sure you are all just dying for more. BUT I'm signing off. I'll leave you with this halfway interesting blogthing. According to this, I was apparently born a few decades late!!

You are a 1950s Diva

High heels, pretty dresses, classic makeup...
You're a feminine beauty who knows how to play up her assets!

Over and out!