Friday, November 07, 2008

Yep, he's growing in there!

22 weeks, 4 days and the belly has just started to cramp my style! ;-) I had my first clothes catastrophe this morning. I probably tried on 7 different shirts before I found one that sufficiently covered my belly. I took off the jacket I wore to work for the below photo, but I had to tug at this shirt all day to keep my belly covered!
Tonight, I went and bought some maternity shirts at GAP. I found some really, really good deals. Some so good that I bought two different sizes of some of the same shirts... the first ones I can wear now and not feel like I'm wearing a tent, the others I can wear when I get REALLY big! Looks like it will be pretty much maternity from here on out. I guess I'm pretty lucky to avoid it for this long!

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Birthday, Boy, Bedding and Barack

Oh what a busy day yesterday!

First of all, it was Justin's 31st Birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BABE! I'm so glad that you're my husband. You are a wonderful partner, and I know you'll make a fantastic father! I got up early to go to the grocery store and make breakfast - hashbrowns, bacon and biscuits. A total gut-buster, but it was yummy. :-) We hurried off after that for our 22 week doctor visit.

I had gained another 4 pounds (7 total), and I attribute it solely to the Halloween candy which was more of a temptation this year than usual, and to my big hearty breakfast. Hopefully, I won't have gained another 4 by my next appointment, even though the e-mails I get say I should be gaining a pound a week. Maybe other expectant mothers are okay with that, but I am not. ;-) This was a quick visit with the doctor, but we spent a long time waiting. She checked Baby Hardy's heartrate - 144 bpm, right on track, and measured my belly. I measured a few weeks behind, but since I'm tall, she said I will more than likely measure small throughout my pregnancy. Good news about this is... well, besides the possiblity that I won't be the size of a walrus during my last month or two... that if I continue to measure small, it may be reason enough for the doctor to order another ultrasound later. This was Dr. P's suggestion, not mine. Insurance does not cover another ultrasound unless there is a medical reason - like measuring small... wink, wink! After the appointment, we asked Dr. P's nurse, Sabrina to give us the flu shot. I've never gotten the flu shot NOR the actual flu, so I'm hoping this shot doesn't make me sick. So far, so good. Just a sore arm.

After the appointment, we went to lunch at Newk's and did a little birthday shopping for Justin. We bought him a new pair of shoes (his first pair of Chaco's), and looked for a watch with GPS that he has been wanting. We later found the watch online - not sold in stores. On our way back, we passed by Bellini, a baby boutique in downtown Homewood that is moving... aka, going out of business. A friend told me she got some incredible deals there, so we thought it would be worth a shot. We ended up purchasing some crib bedding that was on sale for literally hundreds of dollars off the original (overpriced) asking price. We went ahead and bought it thinking if we don't like it for our nursery, Mom and Dad would want it for the bed they're setting up in their home. I'm still not sure if we'll keep it or not because it's just different from what I had in mind, but I do like it. We had fun "dressing up" the bed last night. It's so pretty. :-)

My last topic that I would like to BRIEFLY discuss, is that we did go and vote yesterday afternoon. Unfortunately, the candidate Justin and I feel like best deserved to be the next president of the United States did not win. We are considering this an opportunity to exercise faith in God as we spend the next 4-8 years with Barack Obama as our president. I couldn't even really watch the election results come in last night because it created a pit in my chest. But I know that the Lord is more powerful than any man on this earth, and that we will all be okay. :-) Maybe this guy will at least get the economy straightened out! God Bless America!