Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hardy Party of THREE!

So, it looks like Rez and Adler won't be our only children anymore! Justin and I are expecting the arrival of Baby Hardy on March 9, 2009!
This picture was taken just moments after the positive pregnancy test on July 2nd. :-)

We went to see Dr. Przybysz at Birmingham OB/GYN about 2 weeks later... on July 15th... and confirmed that there is, in fact, a little tiny human forming inside of me! I was so excited that they did an ultrasound to determine my due date and we were able to see the little fuzz (it didn't look like much of anything at the time) and hear it's heartbeat!!! We were confirmed to be about 6 weeks and 1 day.

We told our parents around 7 weeks with a framed ultrasound picture. My parents were SHOCKED (not sure why, I mean we've been married for over 3 years and I'm 28 and Justin's 30... it's about that time. :-) )!!! Justin's parents were so excited, too. All grandparents are anxiously awaiting Baby Hardy's arrival.

After our second doctor's appointment on August 11th, we felt more comfortable trickling our news. By this time, Baby Hardy was starting to look much more like a real baby. When we first saw the baby this time, it waved to us, and later it punched its little fists back and forth like it was boxing... or dancing. At 10 weeks, the doctor told us there is less than a 5% chance of miscarriage, so one by one, we began the phone calls to friends and relatives.

We are now just over 12 weeks, and are excited to make our announcement to "the world!" Keep Baby Hardy and me (and Justin, too) in your prayers! I've felt pretty good for the most part, but I have been EXTREMELY nauseous in the mornings (as in I actually throw up at least 10 times 3-4 mornings a week), but after about 10 minutes, I'm back to normal. The rest of the day I feel fine except for the occasional gag. Bathroom smells repulse me, so gagging has become something I do pretty much every time I go into/near a restroom. It's so weird. The only thing that has been grossing me out food-wise is a piece of meat. I usually like grilled chicken and steak, pretty much everything! But these days, I have to have my meat in something like a casserole, or burrito, or on a salad. It's weird.

Stay tuned for more updates on Baby Hardy. Our next appointment is September 8th. :-)