Thursday, July 05, 2007

Update on our house...

It just occurred to me that I haven't posted an updated picture of the house in quite some time. This is an old picture, but the outside really hasn't changed very much from when this was taken about 3 weeks ago. Our home is now completely sheetrocked and I expect cabinets to go in sometime next week. Please let September come soon!

Still waiting on those red brick columns to balance it all out, but as you can see, it's coming along! We were a bit worried about the yellow because almost all the homes around us are in earth tones, but we were so pleased at how well it turned out. The brick columns will certainly lessen the blow. I really can't wait to see how they change the look!

Tonight we met Justin's brother, sister-in-law, and our neices for a surprise dinner. They live in Mobile and we try to see them as often as possible, but unfortunately it's been a few months. The little rugrats grow like weeds, so it's always fun to see how the girls have changed. Meghan is 9 1/2 going on 19 and Caitlin is all about being an almost-4-year-old little girl. She and I have the same birthday, so she's my special buddy. She always puts her hair next to mine and tells me it "matches." Her mommy has red hair and her daddy has dark hair, so I think she feels a special bond. ;-) I like to think so anyway. Also joining us for dinner were Joel and Che, some of Scott and Hilary's friends who used to live in Mobile. So, here is a picture of the girls from tonight.

Well, leaving for the beach super-early in the morning, so I'm off!

Lehitraot (Hebrew for bye-bye!)


Lindsey Eason said...

LOVE that house - and I personally love the color even without the brick - it doesn't look overpowering at all!

Stacy said...

It's gonna be a great house!! I know you guys can't wait to get into it and make it your home!

amber said...

Love the house color Whit! Can't wait to see it all done! Call me when you get back from the beach!

Michael and Hannah said...

Cute house... has more character than most of what they are building these days. I know you're eager to move in! Have fun at the beach! When do you get back? Make sure you answer your cell phone if I call you on the 17th!