Thursday, January 24, 2008

Baby Love

Matt and Amy were so gracious to help Justin and me clean the porch and vacuum the rug. They thought it was a fair trade since they kept us out playing in the snow for so long! Well, THEY didn’t necessarily keep US, but we were all having too much fun to go back early. Nevertheless, we were so appreciative of their help.

Just before 3:00, guests began to arrive for a baby shower honoring this little lady.

Elizabeth Morgan Haskell

And her mommy.

Roni Holland Haskell
Roni and I have been friends since middle school. I sure miss her now that she lives in Charleston!

I made this diaper cake for the centerpiece.

We had some pretty good eats, and baby Elizabeth got some really cute things. We were very pleased at the turnout considering the morning snow!


Michael and Hannah said...

Cute! Maybe you'll get around to mailing Anna Kate her baby gift before she goes to college. j/k... love ya, busy girl!

Kim said...

LOVE the diaper cake!!! And the cake stand is cute too! Glad to see you all enjoyed to snow - how wild for AL to get snow. Here is south TX, there is no hope of ever seeing snow! Rylan got his haircut today...I posted pics on our blog. Can't wait to hear from you!

Jamie said...

Diaper cake was extra cool! I need to get that "recipe!"
I hope you're doing well! Haven't visited your blog in a while.

Suzanne Owen Jones said...

Hey Whitney! I found your blog by searching for Ross Bridge. My clients DID put a contract on the Uptain. We are keeping our fingers crossed that they won't get bumped. Love your blog.
Suzanne Owen Jones