Saturday, March 22, 2008

Deadly Blow

Every now and then, I'll hear a bizarre news story that gets my attention so much that I feel the urge to share. Such is the case with the recent death of a woman who was boating in the Florida Keys. How did she die, you ask?

Would you believe me if I told you that while a family (two adult sisters and their father) was riding on their boat on the Atlantic side of one of the Florida Keys, a 75-lb sting ray leaped out of the water, smacked one of the women in the face, and killed her? Well, my friends, it's sad but TRUE!

Here is a photo of the deadly beast (notice the woman's visor on top).

In all fairness to the stingray, they are not usually aggressive creatures. They jump out of the water only to shake off parasites, give birth, or to ward off a predator. It was the impact that killed both woman and stingray in this incident, not a sting by the ray's barb which is only used as a self-defense mechanism. What an unfortunate fluke accident.

Anyway, just felt like sharing. Click here if you would like to read the complete story.



Michael and Hannah said...

Talk about a bad day...

Ashley @ pure and lovely said...

wow. and i thought i may actually be spontaneous and go to the beach this weekend...why does his head look so scary?