Saturday, October 25, 2008

Golden Opportunity

Yesterday, James went home with his new mom and dad, Scott and Brittany and his new cat-sister, Pixie!

Scott texted me after an e-mail I sent on Thursday to pretty much everyone I know within driving distance. He and Brittany came out yesterday afternoon, and James was on his best behavior... at first!

He was waiting on us at the door when they got here, and came right up to Brittany for some love when we opened the door. After playing with him for a little while, they decided he would be a good friend for their cat, Pixie.

After a brief goodbye, Scott and Brittany left with James, and I stepped out to the deck to empty his food and water (not wasting any time), and to call my partner, Tarayn with the news. As I was talking to Tarayn, I got a call from Scott, and saw Brittany walking toward the deck... without the cat. Just as they were about to get in the car, James escaped from Brittany's arms scratching her chest in the process. He bolted into the woods a little freaked out at why these strangers were about to take him. After trying to coerce him with food and leafy twigs, we came inside hoping the lack of attention would cause him to want attention. It worked. Not two minutes later, James hopped up on the deck. I was finally able to hold him and he started purring in my arms. We wrapped him up in Brittany's jacket, and Scott and Brittany headed to the car, while I gently carried him to their car. Any time he got tense, I stopped, talked to him and stroked his head and ears until he relaxed again. It took me a while to get out to the car, but he was so cozy in the fleece jacket that the handoff was pretty easy. :-)

I was a little sad to see him go and gave him a little kiss on the head before he made his trip to his new home where he will get to have a friend and live inside and have a family to love on him. Last night, Scott texted me that James is fitting right in and making himself at home. He told me James was rolling around in the living room floor playing with a Beanie Baby fox. I'm so glad he's fitting in and that Scott and Brittany like him! It makes me feel good about my little rescue cat! :-)

Thanks for the company over the last month or two, James! I know you'll have fun in your new home, but Tarayn, Kelli and I will miss you!


Michael and Hannah said...

Oh my goodness, what a relief... I just about had a panic attack because I thought YOU had adopted a cat. yeeeech!!! My first thought was, "Well so much for visiting Whit during her maternity leave!" So relieved that your house is still cat-free and baby-ready!

Ashley @ pure and lovely said...

glad you found a home for the little guy! such drama!

Michael and Hannah said...

Less about the cat... more about the boy.