Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Rice Cereal - YUCK!

At our 4-month doctor visit, Dr. Amy said that Hayes is ready to experiment with some foods other than milk. Here is our schedule:

1. For 2 weeks, feed him 2 tablespoons of rice cereal 2 times a day.
2. Then introduce oatmeal cereal. Feed him 2 tablespoons of oatmeal cereal in the morning, and 2 tablespoons of rice cereal in the evening.
3. After that, we can begin experimenting with some fruits and veggies.

I was off this week end, so I thought it would be a great time to start rice cereal. I prepared the cereal with a little formula, put Hayes in his Bumbo, and headed to the porch for our taste test.

Daddy fed him his first spoonful.

Hayes' first bite of rice cereal.

And the verdict is in... He HATES it!!!

He only tolerated a few spoonfuls before we gave up.

Since then, unless I shove the bottle of millk in his mouth as soon as the spoon comes out, he won't have anything to do with the cereal. I've been successful feeding him most of the 2 tablespoons of cereal since then, but certainly not without a fight.
Here is a picture of Hayes protesting his cereal last night. You can see his little nose wrinkled in disgust!

So, do any of you veteran mommies have any advice on how to get Hayes to eat (and like) rice cereal?


The Penter Family said...

I have no advice. Colton hated it too. Who can blame them? It is NASTY! I never could get him to eat it plain like that.
When he really started to eat big was when we started him on fruits and veggies. He LOVED those and we could sneak his cereal into it. He never knew the difference.
That might be the only way he will eat that gross stuff!

Mommie Till said...

Our best bet with Phoenix was I mixed up the cereal with warm formula and then added a tablespoon or so of applesauce so it would have some flavor to it and he took it fine after that. He still loves his oatmeal mixed with fruit! Good luck, it's really gross stuff unless some flavor is added.

Stacy said...

Put a LITTLE bit of apple juice in it. Makes it a little sweeter and a little less bland. Also, my kids spit it out too at first, but not b/c they didn't like it but b/c they didn't know how to eat off a spoon. That's a different skill from nursing or taking a bottle. If I left the spoon in the mouth a second and let them 'suck' it off the spoon they tended to keep it in their mouth long enough to swallow it. If you just plop a glop of gooey cereal into a baby's mouth who only knows how to suck a bottle, of course he will say, "EW! Gross!" :) Good luck! And if all else fails, wait a few weeks...he's sure to love fruits and veggies! :)

Wendy said...

Tyler eats the cereal with fruit mix, but we went FAST with food once we got over all his choking issues. I still do cereal every now and then, but mostly we are on 3 meals a day with veggies and fruit! I would say, Skip it or mix fruit... Good Luck!

Lindsey Eason said...

I don't blame you Hayes - that stuff is nasty! ;) And yes, I agree with juice mixed in to the rice cereal always did the trick with my kiddo's!

JJ said...

Hey Whitney! Thanks for commenting!
We did already rent our house out and now we are at my mom's until we leave. Wish I had known about your friends earlier! We'll keep in touch!

amber said...

Alright Whit, you've JUST about have me motivated to start blogging again... =) I'm loving reading about that sweet baby boy!! Don't worry about the eating thing too much. They will get it soon enough!

Michael and Hannah said...

He's just holding out for the good stuff! Very few babies like rice cereal alone. (Check out Anna Kate's reaction to her first rice cereal:

katherine said...

Ok, only since you are specifically soliciting advice will I give you my two cents and that is to give up on giving Hayes solids at all. You're his mommy and you can tell he doesn't like it. If he's happy and growing on formula, why bother pushing rice cereal? Anna ate very little solids until she was 8 or so months old and she's always been chubby and growing. Formula tends to give babies more calories than nursing so Hayes is going to be just fine. When he's ready to start eating for real, you may be able to skip rice cereal and go to pureed fruits and veg. Anna didn't eat much of that at all before she was ready for Cheerios and finger foods and mushy pieces of fruit and steamed vegetables. That's my two cents, but then I almost never think the "conventional" way to do things is the best way. ;) (BTW, Anna loved rice cereal mixed with milk when she first tried it at 6 months, but since we were traveling soon after that for the next 6 weeks she didn't get much until about 8 months.)

Natalie Adkinson said...

We started to feed Ceci level 1 foods when she was 5 weeks old (due to her growth retardation-under MD instruction of course). A lot of kids haven't learned how to swallow without sucking when they first start to eat solids. It is much easier to start out by feeding with a spoon and putting the bottle in his mouth after each bite. After a few minutes of this, try a bite or two without the bottle following it. Their swallow reflex has to strengthen or they spit it out-not necessarily because they don't like it, but because they simply can't swallow without using their sucking skills. Ceci became a pro after about a week and a half. It really helped her to put the weight on that she needed to survive (she was considered "failure to thrive") and it made our lives easier because she was sleeping better with a full stomach!

I agree with the applesauce idea as well. Bananas, however, are up to you. If he has gassy or reflux issues, it can make those a little worse. I would stick with applesauce. Also, they say to start VERY thin with your consistency. Ceci did better with it being a little thicker because it would actually stay down and it encouraged her to use her swallow reflex, not her sucking reflex.


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