Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Hitting the Grindstone...

I'm 26 years old, right? So, why is it that I already see ripples and bumps where they're really not supposed to be?! My thighs, for example. I'm tall, and relatively lean, but I have just recently discovered that area just below my behind that is just a little on the bouncy side… okay, maybe more than a little. And also, my hips are becoming boxy, yes, like SQUARE! Is that normal???!!! I don’t think so! So, I am confessing my "sin" and repenting. Repenting requires ACTION, right? Okay, so here’s my plan…

To lose the jiggle and to not be embarrassed in a bathing suit.

1. Exercise.
a. MWF morning spin class or walking/jogging.
b. Th afternoon spin class.
c. Take Tues, Sun, and Sat off.
2. Eat better.
a. Take my lunch to work.
b. Eliminate the chocolate runs and eating the yummies that our gracious homeowners bring us.... okay, that's impossible. I'll change that to one mini candy a day and if a homeowner brings us something yummy, I will have one small taste. I'm not looking forward to that part.

1. Bad habits.
SOLUTION: Accountability. Kate will be my accountability partner at work. Ashley R. will be my exercise accountability partner.
2. Laziness.
SOLUTION: Know I can never let Ashley R. down by not exercising, and remember the ultimate goal and how good I will feel.

Okay, does anyone have any suggestions or words of encouragement?

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