Thursday, June 15, 2006

Let's Play "Mom and Dad!"

So, we spent the night in Mobile Thursday night. We got there late, but everyone was still up – Scott, Hilary, Meghan, Caitlin, Hilary’s brother Shawn, and Hilary’s friend Marla. Friday night, Meghan and Caitlin woke us up early. They knocked on the door and crawled in the bed with us for a few minutes while we were getting used to the morning. We played and danced a little before packing everything up and heading to Gulf Shores. We weren’t really sure how the girls would handle being away from their parents for 2 nights, but they did great!!!

Friday, we went to the beach, ate hamburgers, and visited our friends Daniel and Dana and their new baby, Chase. Meghan got a new boogie board, so she spent most of the day in the water… except for the hour that she refused to get in because I told her I saw ANOTHER sting ray! I don’t know why in the world I have gone my entire life spending weeks out of every summer in the gulf and am just now, at 26 years old, seeing sting rays. Caitlin was afraid of the water, so she spent ALL day in the sand. Every inch of her little body was COVERED. Caitlin was sleepy from dinner through our visit with Dana and Daniel, but she didn't fuss too much. Meghan is like a little adult, so she loved seeing the little baby.

Saturday we lathered up in sunblock and went to the beach again. I was paranoid that the kids were going to get a sunburn (their skin is fairer than mine), so we reapplied 45 SPF multiple times throughout the day. Our biggest accomplishment was getting Caitlin to get in the water. By the end of the day, she was splashing in the gulf and asking me to bend down so she could get wet! It was the first time anyone was ever able to get her in the water, much less enjoy the experience! We were so proud. ;-) After the beach, we went to a cookout at Dana’s and Daniel’s house. We got to hold the baby (who fussed a lot), and Meghan “earned” two dollars by winning a bet she made with Justin and Daniel.

We made the “Kid Exchange” on Sunday. We were 20 minutes late for church, but considering we had to get 2 adults and 2 kids, up, dressed, packed and taking the hour drive into considerations, we think we made pretty good time. ;-) We left right after lunch in order to make it to church in Birmingham Sunday night. We always spend Sunday nights with the youth group at church. This Sunday, we cleaned the church bus. If I had known that beforehand, we might not have rushed back to Birmingham so quickly! Just kidding… not really. ;-)

This week has been typical. It is officially summer, as temperatures climb into the mid-90s. Walking houses that don’t have power yet (a huge part of my job), is pretty miserable, but at least I’m not jailed in a cubicle all day. I really can’t complain!

Sorry no pictures to post this week. I will be getting a new camera soon!

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