Tuesday, September 15, 2009

30th Birthday and Kindermusik

So, today was my 30th birthday! Yay! I worked today so I could tack on Friday to my week end off, and Justin and I are planning a trip to the beach. Birthday highlights - beautiful flowers, lunch with some of my favorite friends, birthday cake and Kindermusik... yes, that's right, Kindermusik.

Unfortunately, Justin's plans for my birthday were foiled by Hayes' first baby music class, which was fun. He got to play with little instruments that were just the right size, scarves, egg shakers, balls and books, but most of all, he liked to watch mommy and daddy sing silly songs and make silly faces. We all had a good time... even Justin (don't tell him I told you). :-)

I do sorta wish that Kindermusik hadn't started on my 30th b'day, but I didn't want to miss Hayes' first class. :-) Something tells me this won't be my last sacrifice for him on my b'day.


Michael and Hannah said...

It's totally appropriate... setting the tone for your 30s! They will be ALL about toddlers and kiddie appointments. But they will be the BEST! Can you believe it's only just started and you have ten whole years to enjoy this AMAZING time of life??

The Penter Family said...

I think we are going to try Kindermusic soon. I have a coupon for one free trial class...

Anonymous said...