Sunday, September 13, 2009

Grandparent's Day!

I just found out it's Grandparent's Day!
(Seriously, someone should have told me about this sooner!)

So, to his grandparents Emmy & Pappa Rick, Grandma, Grandpa & Hope, and to his great-grandparents Mimi & Daddy Bill, Hayes says...


We love you!


Michael and Hannah said...

Yup, I didn't know it was GPD until I heard it on the radio this morning... guess I'll stick with honoring my grandparents on Mother's Day and Father's Day like usual!

But Happy 1st Grandparent's Day Mr. and Mrs. Leach!

Anonymous said...

Each year, Meghan and Caitlin invite Zsa Zsa and me to Grandparent's Day at Mobile Christian Academy. This year, it was last Friday. The school had a real nice "production" in the gym where all the kids sing songs and do cheers dedicated to grandparents.

After this, we all went to the kid's classrooms where the grandchildren showed the different things they do during the day and presented the grandparents with a little handmade gift. Caitlin had a gift bag for me with candy (yum) inside along with a hand-made card. Caitlin was so proud of herself and her classroom. (Meghan's age didn't have room visitation.)

The teacher's aide took pictures of the children and grandparents together and will send a copy to us later. Caitlin has a real nice teacher and her classroom is so cheerful with lots of bright colors all around the room. It looked like a fun place to be.

I had a very nice time and enjoyed the recognition of being a grandparent.

Grandma Hardy