Friday, August 07, 2009

Hayes & His Momma's Love

Yesterday we met our friends Hal and Maghan at Momma Goldberg's - Inverness. Hal opened the restaurant about a month or two ago, and we've been so proud of how well they're doing!!! Hal ordered these baby onesies to sell at his restaurant, and Hayes was the first baby to get to wear one! For those of you who arent familiar with Momma Goldberg's (heaven forbid!), they are an Auburn trademark, and have recently opened 2 locations in Birmingham (Homewood and Inverness), and in a few other cities around Alabama. They offer a variety of sandwiches with names like Momma's Love, Big Momma, Big Daddy, etc. All very delicious!
See, Hayes thinks so, too! He really enjoyed his first Momma's Love sandwich - hold the meat, cheese and condiments.
Don't worry moms! VERY little, if any at all, was digested. My almost-5-month-old does NOT eat bread yet. Still working on the cereals, remember?
You can purchase your own Momma Goldberg's onesie at the Inverness location, and probably the Homewood location, too. If you're in the Inverness store, say hi to my friend Hal!

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Michael and Hannah said...

So cute! Hayes makes a great model. How much did he charge for his services??