Saturday, September 12, 2009

1/2 Birthday CAKE - Good Intentions

My college roommate, Hannah, always bakes 1/2 a birthday cake for her babies when they turn 6 months old, so I thought I would start that tradition with my babies!

Well, I hurried to the store after work today because we've had a busy week, and by the time I got home I was in a rush to bake and ice it before Hayes' bedtime! I was in such a rush that after it had been baking for about 10 minutes, I realized that I had forgotten to add the OIL!!! I was so sad thinking I had completely ruined the cake, and therefore the whole 1/2 birthday cake picture op, but I decided to let it keep baking and just try it. What's the oil for anyway? I was pleased that it actually came out of the pan without too much of a fight, so I decided to go for it. It was falling apart while I was icing it (lack of oil, I suppose), so I melted the icing a little and pretty much poured it on. My grandmother would be mortified! The cake was collapsing beneath the heavy icing, so I quickly lit the candles (1 for each month) and took a picture!
Yes, I did blow out the candles before placing my son beside his 1/2 birthday cake. Babies and fire do not mix! :-)
Hayes REALLY wanted to play with his cake! Sorry, Hayes, you'll have to wait until you turn 1 for that!


Mosshouse said...

Whitney, this sounds like something I would do. My mother always tells the horrid story of my "san andreas fault cake" I made and entered into the OLS 4th of July cake walk. It's a good thing I don't go to church there anymore. I shamed the family!

Lindsey Eason said...

Oh gosh, that is hysterical! AND that is the reason I don't bake OR cook...I am constantly forgetting something and have started two fires in our oven (yes, that's the truth...) while attempting to cook. Chad is perfectly happy with store bought cakes, Bertolli and Stouffers for dinner and water to drink...yup, can't even make iced tea very well! lol!

Having said that, I think Hayes's first cake is adorable and I'm sure it still tasted good without the oil...anything drowning in melted icing has got to be yummy! :)

Paul and Sarah said...

So how did the cake taste?

Paul and Sarah said...

Very cute idea of the half cake!

{Amanda} said...

hey, at least you were able to bake it. and hey, it makes for a cute story. M actually did play with his cake...much to his Mommy's chagrin.

Jessica said...