Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sunday Interrupted

So, I had a post scheduled to go out this afternoon. It was originally at the bottom of the 6 month post, but it was getting WAY too long, so I made it it's own separate post. It would have been quite appropriate had TODAY gone as normal - well as normal as Sunday could be. So, allow me to interrupt this post for a short, delightful story (can you sense my sarcasm?).

Justin left early this morning for Atlanta to attend a convention. He'll be back later this afternoon. So, I was pretty much getting Hayes ready for church by myself. I spent 20 minutes ironing all of our clothes and Hayes was unually fussy. I guess he was sleepy because it was nearing his naptime, but I was putting him off until we left so he would sleep at church. Hayes is spending the afternoon at his Emmy's so I had to load up lots of extra stuff (food, clothes, toys, diapers, etc.) for his afternoon of fun. After everything was loaded, I looked around for the carseat so I could strap in my most precious cargo. I looked all over for it, but it was nowhere to be found. Turns out it was in his daddy's car and Daddy was halfway to Atlanta for a conference. Awesome. Hayes was letting me know he was beyond ready for a nap, so I put him in his bed and went on the great search for a carseat to borrow. Luckily, I quickly found one from Amy next door, but it was obvious that Hayes and I were not going to make it to worship. Sad.

So, on to the post I had originally scheduled to post today!

Sundays are tough for us in the schedule department. At our church, Sunday school is at 9:00 and worship is at 10:00. Because that falls right in the middle of Hayes' nap time, he usually misses his nap and we end up feeding him in church because he's awake and fussy. We usually have lunch after church and get home around 1:00 because I have to be at work. By this point he is off schedule with eating AND napping and we never know what to do. Feed him, then put him down? Put him down, then feed him? He will get fed and he will take a nap, just not sure which order. I rush home around 5:30 and then we're off to our small group Bible study which starts at 6:00. I will feed him dinner while we're there. I've been brave recently and have fed him baby food, but I usually do a bottle because it's so much less messy. Sundays are one of those days when he might get an extra bottle in the evening, and he never gets the "bath, books, songs, prayers before bed" part of the routine because we're out too late. I usually just tell him how much God loves him and how much Mommy and Daddy love him as I'm putting him in his bed.

So, how do you other Moms handle Sundays? Are they just as weird as ours?


The Laird's said...

yes, our sundays were like that, crazy, nap time off, feeding off, but now that Hamilton is down to one nap a day, we are normal, so give it 6-8 more months maybe and it will get better, hang in there!

{Amanda} said...

Hi Whitney, thanks for adding me =) our boys will be the same ages/grades so we should definitely get them together for playdates!

Our weekends are so different from the weekdays. Mason's naptimes are starting to change too- some days he'll only take 1 long nap (for 1.5-2 hrs). We kind of just go with the flow...he'll definitely let me know when it's time for a nap, so for him I don't try to schedule them.

But I do start the bedtime routine the same time each night, regardless of the day. For him, that consistency seems to be the most important thing to schedule... BTW, M didn't get a bath or a book tonight either!

katherine said...

I'm not really looking forward to returning to the Sunday craziness. Anna never napped at church so even as a really young baby she'd just stay awake the whole morning and I'd nurse her in the middle of the service in the back. Now she's only taking one nap and it's much easier, but Sundays are still crazy b/c we have small group in the evenings, too. But, it's one day of the week and so worth it. Hope you get into a routine soon!

Phifer Family said...

Tom and I have always hated Sundays with our babies. Jonas got so much easier the older he got. Now we have Tinzley and we are back to the drawing board. We try to keep her in as much of her routine/schedule as we can. Yesterday was the first Sunday we put her in the nursery/class and she did great. She took a little cat nap and then we came home and she finished her nap out. We go to early service but have noticed that late service would probably fit her schedule better. :) By the way your little guy is so cute!

Lindsey Eason said...

Sundays for us are similar. Wake up early for b-fast, baths, dress and then out the door for church at 10 (we were serving 1st service, but now that we have a baby again, we've nixed that for a few months). Then it's home for lunch, naps, change of clothes and then we host and lead homegroup at our house from 5:30-7pm. The only thing that keeps us sane is that we do what Amanda (above) suggested...we keep bed time the same EVERY NIGHT! Our kids hit the sack at 7:30pm every exceptions...that routine keeps us on track and makes the following morning much more bearable. :) Keep in mind it will get much much easier for you as Hayes gets older - the first several months are the hardest with feedings, nap schedules and diaper changes...

McCullough Family said...

Even though Ellen is 2, Sundays are still a little crazy for us. I don't dread them like I used to though. It gets much better. Hayes is adorable!

Kiera said...

Hey girl!! We do have a lot of friends in common! I was roommates with Maghan and Cortney at Auburn and I now go to the church that Alaina grew up in in NC. That's crazy how things work sometimes when you know so many of the same people but are in totally different places. I'm going to add you to my blog list. :) Our Sundays are the same. I usually wake him up around 8:30 dress him really quick then get in the car for class at 9:00. He usually doesn't eat till 10 or 10:30 on Sundays because they are so busy. So we usually make it through communion and then I take him to the nursery and give him a bottle or snacks in there. Lunch after church and then home around 1:00 or so. He usually sleeps for 2-3 hours on Sunday afternoons and then gets up and plays then back to church that night. So yeah, our schedule is totally off on Sunday, but he seems to adjust ok. ;)